Private 4K and Preschool students reading in Madison, WI at Kids Express Learning Center


Our Unique 10-Acre Campus Offers More Flexibility and Security

We are currently offering on-campus learning for students 5-days per week in the 2020-2021 school year. All of our classrooms have separate bathrooms, entrances and exits to minimize intermingling between other classrooms on campus. In addition, we have multiple outdoor play spaces for classrooms to explore during the day.

Advanced Early Academics

We have provided exceptional 4K Preschool programming to Madison area children for 25 years. Our mission to cultivate compassionate leaders is realized through dedicated professional teachers, a robust curriculum, and outstanding enrichment programs conducted on our beautiful ten-acre campus.

Our Mission

Kids Express Learning Center cultivates children’s growth in a stimulating and compassionate environment. Our supportive teachers engage the curiosities and needs of each child, fostering self-esteem, the confidence needed to benefit from our robust academic programs, and the interest to embark on a journey of life-long learning. Our focus on empathy, character, and individual well-being encourages our children to envision how they will serve their community beyond the expanse of our campus.

Madison, WI Preschool Campus at Kids Express Learning Center

Life-Long Skills Modeled and Practiced

Our Preschool and 4K children enjoy a variety of play-based
activities in rich learning environments. Lessons are based
on Wisconsin Model Early Learning Standards, but greater
teacher ratios and small group learning activities allow for more
individualized instruction. Quality educational experiences
urge our older children toward the development of higherlevel
thinking skills in oral and print literacy, science/nature,
math, social learning, PE, nutrition, health, and safety areas
so important to their life-long success as learners. Advanced
curricular options are available to meet unique learning styles
and diverse growth rates during children’s journeys at KELC.

Compassionate Social-Emotionally

Supported Environment

  • Charming, calming atmosphere.

  • Positive reinforcement to build self-confidence.

Supportive and Caring Teachers

  • 4-year college degrees in Education.

  • Compassionate, competent, and caring.

  • Optimal group size builds trust and fosters strong development.

A Love for Learning Through Rich Academic Programming

  • Developmentally appropriate activities are woven into weekly lesson plans for language arts/literacy, math, science/nature, music, world language, culinary, art, health & safety, physical education, and social-emotional development.

  • Individual, as well as small and large group activities, planned to meet developmental needs of children.

  • Enrichment programs such as Bucky Beats, science/nature, gardening, physical education, Spanish, Mandarin, poetry, and culinary.

  • Daily exploration around our 10-acre campus learning environments in our nature center, forest, gardens, animal pastures, campground, age-specific playgrounds, sports court, and golf green.

Strong Community Values

  • It "takes a village"to raise our children and we offer a variety of opportunities to get connected with monthly events, volunteer opportunities, family friendships, and the KELC Advisory Committee.

  • Teachers regularly inform families of child's status and well-being.