Admissions Director



608-845-3245, Ext. 223

Miss Penny manages children's records, writes and edits KELC materials, hosts tours for prospective families, and assists in classrooms. Penny followed her preschool daughter to KELC in 2001, and both of her children (now young adults) attended KELC's “Summer on the Farm” school-age program.


Penny credits the environment at KELC - the children, parents, staff, animals and the beautiful, natural setting - with creating a campus-wide sense of well-being. She appreciates KELC's integrated, experiential approach to learning, in addition to the teachers' knowledge of children’s development, their positive approaches to teaching and inclusion, and their genuine affection for all of "their" kids.


Penny was the fifth of six children in a mobile family, living in several Southern states and Mexico before settling in Wisconsin. Throughout her secondary school years, Penny worked in her family's child care center. Having spent much of her life surrounded by children, she finds such an environment natural and thoroughly enjoyable.


A graduate of UW-Madison, Penny took coursework in child-related fields, but ultimately pursued interests in literature and foreign study. She spent more than a year abroad, where she studied in Poland, worked on a kibbutz in Israel, hitch-hiked around Ireland, admired Norway's fjords, Egypt's pyramids, ruins in Greece and Italy, and watched the sun rise over rooftops in Morocco while a muezzin called the faithful to prayer.


Penny loves to travel, but mostly loves spending time with family. She is grateful for the opportunities and experiences of the past, yet finds parenthood to be the most formative and rewarding adventure of all.