Miss Melissa went to Southeast Missouri State University where she earned a degree in Elementary Education. Missouri State University has an outstanding Elementary Education program that allowed her to be in a huge array of diverse classrooms before she graduated in 2012. After college, Melissa spent the first five years of her teaching career teaching elementary and middle school classes. In 2017, she  moved to Madison and began working for KELC.

She was born and raised in Saint Louis, Missouri with  three older brothers and blessed with two sets of parents. Growing up she had a Golden Retriever and three cats which made for a very active house. When she was in high school, she worked at a stable as a ridding instructor and trail guide. Teaching ridding lessons is where Melissa first fell in love with teaching.

One fun fact about Melissa is that she lived and taught in Barcelona her first year out of college. She has also taken a samurai class from a genuine samurai in Kyoto, Japan. In her free time, she loves going on family hikes with her husband, Alex, 18 month old daughter, Stella and dog , Cloudsworth. She is also an avid reader and loves watching bad Sci-Fi films and very corny Rom-Coms.