Miss Bethanee grew up in the small village of Oakfield near Fond du Lac. The youngest child in her family, Miss Bethanee has an older brother and two older sisters. Growing up, her father was her high school principal. While in school, Miss Bethanee worked for her mother, a childcare director, and truly values the experience of a family-run school like KELC. In high school Bethanee was part of the softball state champion team. She describes herself as one who is 'passionate about the wellbeing of animals, enjoys playing softball and soccer, is an avid reader and a MAJOR Harry Potter fan.'


Miss Bethanee has a BA in English and Family Life Education and a minor in English as a Second Language. While in college she had the opportunity to teach English to students in Japan in various campuses around Tokyo. She hopes to return one day. Miss Bethanee met her husband while in college and married in June, 2016.


Prior to joining KELC, Miss Bethanee gained experience teaching preschool to 3 and 4-year-olds. She loves working with a wide range of children and has enjoyed teaching in the KELC nurseries recently. Part of what Miss Bethanee loves most about working with children, she says, 'is being able to pass on knowledge and see the 'ah ha' moment when a child understands something new.' She is enjoying the professional atmosphere at KELC and finds that everyone who works here 'truly seems to love what they do.'