Cultivating Compassionate Leaders

Our Mission

Kids Express Learning Center cultivates children’s growth in a stimulating and compassionate environment. Our supportive teachers engage the curiosities and needs of each child, fostering self-esteem, the confidence needed to benefit from our robust academic programs, and the interest to embark on a journey of life-long learning. Our focus on empathy, character, and individual well-being encourages our children to envision how they will serve their community beyond the expanse of our campus.

Compassionate Social-Emotionally

Supported Environment

  • Charming, calming atmosphere.

  • Positive reinforcement to build self-confidence.

Supportive and Caring Teachers

  • 4-year college degrees in Education.

  • Compassionate, competent, and caring.

  • Optimal group size builds trust and fosters strong development.

A Love for Learning Through Rich Academic Programming

  • Developmentally appropriate activities are woven into weekly lesson plans for language arts/literacy, math, science/nature, music, world language, culinary, art, health & safety, physical education, and social-emotional development.

  • Individual, as well as small and large group activities, planned to meet developmental needs of children.

  • Enrichment programs such as Bucky Beats, science/nature, gardening, physical education, Spanish, Mandarin, poetry, and culinary.

  • Daily exploration around our 10-acre campus learning environments in our nature center, forest, gardens, animal pastures, campground, age-specific playgrounds, sports court, and golf green.


Strong Community Values

  • It "takes a village"to raise our children and we offer a variety of opportunities to get connected with monthly events, volunteer opportunities, family friendships, and the KELC Advisory Committee.

  • Teachers regularly inform families of child's status and well-being.

3276 S. High Point Road 

Madison, WI 53719

Phone: (608) 845-3245 

Email: Info@KidsExpress.com

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National Association for the Education of Young Children