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Older Preschool (4K/5K)

Wind in the willows

Wind in the Willows classroom is located at the west end of the new addition to The Dahlhouse, Building #1 on the KELC campus.  Children welcomed into Wind in the Willows are at least three years old and enjoy the attention of teachers who hold university degrees in early childhood education.  This beautiful, bright, spacious classroom overlooks the gardens and pastures, having a calming effect on nature lovers of all ages.  The inviting book nook beckons young "readers" to share favorite books with a friend or a teacher.

Three-year-olds are building a knowledge base from which to interpret their world.  They have an innate drive to explore their environment, and to find answers to their many questions.  Wind in the Willows teachers excel at guiding young learners' exploration and self-expression. Spanish,  Science/Nature, Gardening, PE and Musikgarten classes enrich the classroom experiences.

teacher with child

Hey Diddle Diddle

Hey Diddle Diddle classroom welcomes children who will be going to 5 year old kindergarten this fall. Although teachers make sure lesson plans are filled with casual and fun filled activities, each day's work will reflect the children's interests and explore all areas of KELC's curriculum: reading, writing, oral language, math, science, social studies, music, art,  and physical education. Teachers will continue to design individual as well as small and large group activities to ensure individual progress in all curricular areas, and to foster curiosity, self-esteem, effective communication and more.  In this bright classroom, students engage in practical, hands-on learning.  'Center Time' prompts students to choose from activities relating to math, language, art, dramatic play, block play, sensory based play and more. 

kid making art