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General FAQ

Is Kids Express Learning Center a Daycare or a Preschool?

Kids Express Learning Center is an early childhood education center where college degreed teachers set clearly defined goals for children's learning.  Developmentally appropriate activities enhance each child's chance of maturing in social, emotional, physical and cognitive realms.  Each week, teachers create and implement goal directed lesson plans.  The State of Wisconsin’s Model Early Learning Standards provide the framework for these plans.  Each year, KELC’s administrative and teaching staff work to modify and improve the curriculum based on educational research and approved practices.  Assessment Portfolios are used to document each child’s growth and development.

Why Should I Select Kids Express Learning Center Rather Than Another School in the Area?

Kids Express Learning Center provides a unique, high quality, ten acre rural environment for children's exploration and experimentation.  Children plan garden plots, then plant and harvest vegetables, herbs and flowers in Prairie View Farm’s Children’s Garden.  As children move through the program, they enjoy Nature/Science, Spanish and Physical Education classes taught each week by specialists.  Teachers with degrees in education plan and implement rich, developmentally appropriate activities in language arts, music, math, science, and other activities important to traditional early childhood education.  Great teachers, working in our peaceful, rural setting, provide valuable and memorable experiences for young children.

Does My Child Have to Be Potty Trained to Be Accepted at Kids Express Learning Center?

Children three and under do not need to be potty trained in order to be accepted into our classroom at Kids Express Learning Center.  Early childhood classrooms will work with children on potty training initiated by parents.

Where Do I Find a Calendar of Events or My Child's School Year Schedule?

Kids Express Learning Center's Annual Calendar is developed in February each year.  Annual calendars are distributed to parents when they receive contracts from us.   They are also distributed to parents at classroom orientation meetings in the fall.  Parents are welcome to contact KELC's office (608-845-3245;  and ask for a copy of the school calendar.  Teachers post school calendars and  schedules in their classrooms but also include event updates in their weekly Friday Reminder emails to parents.

How Will I Know If Kids Express Learning Center Is Closed Due to Inclement Weather?

Kids Express Learning Center follows Madison Metropolitan School District in regard to school delays, early dismissals, and/or closings due to severe weather.  Local television and radio stations carry updates on area school closings during any kind of inclement weather.  KELC’s website will post school closings or delays.


Children of all ages go outside for recess or stroller rides, weather permitting. Kids Express Learning Center has built two gyms for teachers and children to enjoy. Little Engine That Could, our smaller gym, has a mirrored wall and a dance bar to encourage exercise, dance and creative play. The larger gym, Little Red Gym hosts our indoor PE classes but also serves as an indoor recess space and a party room for special school events.

are there family friendly events hosted by kids express learning center?

Each fall, KELC hosts a Harvest Party where families gather to enjoy treats, games, photo ops, a petting zoo and hayrides through the property. In the springtime, during Week of the Young Child includes daily activities for children but a large, festive evening of fun for families.   Classrooms host numerous events throughout the school year to encourage families to get to know one another.


Families are invited to make an appointment to tour our campus and classrooms. Tours are available at 9 and 10 AM on weekdays and last about one hour.

Enrollment FAQ

What Is the Age Range of Children Enrolled at Kids Express?

KELC welcomes learners from 6 weeks of age through kindergarten during the academic school year, and offers a School Age summer camp program for children from 6 weeks through the end of their 12th year.

Do You Offer Part-Time Enrollment?

Yes.  Children may attend 2, 3 or 5 days a week.  Our part time programs are offered on Tuesdays and Thursdays, or Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.  Additionally, during the academic school year, KELC offers a half-day morning class for children ages 2.5 and older.   Some of the half day children attend mixed-age classrooms.  During Summer on the Farm, all programs are full-day.


Tuition varies depending on the schedule (part-time, full-time, extended care) and the program (nursery, toddler, twos, preschool/kindergarten).

How Do I Get My Child Into Kids Express Learning Center?

Parents submit a New Student Application along with a $75 processing fee.  The application form indicates a parent’s desired attendance days and a projected start date.  If KELC cannot offer the desired placement choice, a child’s name will be placed on our Wait List.  Openings are offered to families according to the order they appear on our Wait List and the appropriate age range of the classroom with an opening.  Families have 48 hours to accept an offer or may choose to maintain their Wait List status if the schedule offered does not meet their needs.  Contact Sandra Dahl, Owner/Director with any enrollment questions (
Online application forms are found on our Enrollment Information page, under the Admissions tab.

When Will I Hear From Kids Express Once I've Submitted an Application?

Parents will receive a confirmation email after we receive an Application for Enrollment form.  Notification of classroom placement varies depending on the time of year - whether KELC is entering, nearing the end, or beyond a major enrollment phase.  Parents should contact the Director, Sandra Dahl (, for more specific information.

Curriculum FAQ

What Are the Teacher/Child Ratios at Kids Express Learning Center?

Lead teacher to child ratio varies from 2.5 teachers to 8 children in the nurseries, 1 to 8 in the three-year-old room to 1-6/7 in the kindergarten rooms. However, ratios are lower during the day when special lessons occur.  Kids Express Learning Center is privileged to have a number of specialists on staff to offer a variety of experiences to the children. Therefore, ratios vary throughout the day.

Are Staff Members Trained in First Aid and CPR?

All Kids Express Learning Center's staff members receive professional on-site training in both First Aid and CPR.

What Are the Qualifications of Kids Express Learning Center's Teachers?

Master and Lead teachers at Kids Express Learning Center hold at least a four year degree in Education or a closely related field such as Child and Family Studies.

What Method of Discipline Do the Teachers AT KIDS EXPRESS LEARNING CENTER Use?

First, teachers create a rich environment for children so that many choices are available. When children have challenging, enjoyable learning materials to engage them, discipline is less of an issue. However, when teachers observe that children are losing self-control they step in to offer assistance. A teacher may redirect a child or suggest another choice be made. Children are encouraged to use their words to express feelings. Modeling of appropriate problem solving skills is part of every good teacher's strategy. And, finally, at Kids Express Learning Center the animals in the nature center serve a purpose in the area of children’s behavior. Caring for and observing animals has a calming effect on children. Compassionate acts seem to serve as a means of reducing aggression.  Recently, KELC’s staff has received professional training in Nurtured Heart, a relationship focused methodology aimed at bringing out greatness in children.

Does Kids Express Learning Center Provide Lunch? Snacks?

Kids Express Learning Center does provide mid-morning and mid-afternoon snacks for children. Two food groups are offered at each snack. A snack menu is posted inside each classroom. Children must bring a noon lunch to school daily. A lunch must include something from each of the four food groups. It is a good idea to include a frozen ice pack in the lunchbox to keep food safe. A couple of times a month, parents are given the option to have their child participate in a classroom "party meal". Teachers order out and pick up meals from area restaurants for the children's pleasure!  At times, KELC’s parents provide a special lunch in honor of their child.

How Much Involvement Will My Child Have With the Animals?

Kids Express Learning Center has a Science/Nature teacher who prepares goal-oriented lessons for children each week. In addition to the interactive lessons offered in the classrooms, children are taken outside to observe animals in the pastures each day. Children can observe animals of the woodland and pastures through their classroom windows or on walks to the pastures or woods with their teachers. Children pet the animals and enjoy the antics and sounds of the animals. Our adorable goats beg for and receive dried leaves almost daily since they share a common fence line with the children's playground! Feeding animals is often done with Mr. Rich, our Science/Nature teacher, a classroom teacher or with the After School teachers. When Dr. Judy, our veterinarian comes to visit, the children are invited to observe procedures. Sheep and alpaca shearing events are attended by all classrooms during the spring of each year.

Financial FAQ

What Forms of Payment Are Accepted for Tuition?

With convenience, efficiency and security in mind, we are implementing an automated payment processing system beginning with Summer on the Farm 2014. Our system allows us to process tuition payments safely and efficiently through an electron funds transfer (EFT) from your checking or savings account. To participate in this program, please complete our "Automatic Payment Authorization" form. Your family's account balance will then be paid automatically on the due date of each billing period. For more information, please read our Automatic Payment Processing FAQ.

Because we cannot efficiently accommodate two systems at once, accounts not authorizing EFT will be charged a $25 handling fee each billing period. We also accept personal checks, certified checks or money order. Payments should be mailed to our address or submitted into one of our tuition drop-boxes. Drop-boxes are located in the main building (Building #3), The Big Red Barn (#2) and in The Dahlhouse (#1), The Little Engine That Could (lower level), The Vestibule (main level) and the administrative office (upper level).

When Is Tuition Due?

During the school year, tuition is due by the 15th of each month. For “Summer on the Farm,” tuition is due by the first day of each respective session.

How Is Tuition Billed During the School Year?

Tuition is billed in 10 equal amounts from August 15 through May 15.
We take the total cost of tuition for the entire school year and divide it into 10 equal installments. Regardless of how many days are in each pay period, the tuition charge remains the same each month.

How Is Tuition Billed For "Summer on the Farm?"

Our Summer on the Farm program and the school year are separate. Summer on the Farm consists of two 6-week sessions. Full payment for each session is due on the first day of the session.

How Do I Get Verification for My Flex-Spending Account?

Submit a completed flex-spending form, including dates and amount, to Matt Dahl. The form will be returned to you in your child’s classroom mailbox. We do not accept debit/credit cards (ex: TASC card) as forms of payment. You will need to submit a claim for reimbursement. Check with your employer with any questions regarding your dependent care plans.
If you're enrolled in KELC's Automatic Payment Processing system, you will have online access to your childcare financial information. You may view payment history, print receipts and obtain payment summaries for your financial needs.

Children's Records FAQ

I've Received Forms I Previously Completed for My Child at Kids Express LEARNING CENTER. Must I Complete Them Again?

Forms must be updated periodically.  Health forms must be updated following each physical examination (every 6 months, minimally, until age 2) and when childhood immunizations are given or are 'due' according to state requirements (parents can take simple steps to waive vaccine requirements).  Additional forms must be updated at least once a year.

How Do I Update My Personal Contact Information (Address, Phone Number, Etc.)?

To update your personal contact information, please touch base with our Administrative Assistant by phone at (608) 845-3245 x293, or by email at  To update information for your child, please contact our Children's Records Manager (

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